Fellow VOLCON Shareholders

We speak with the VOLCON Team five times a week as they gear up for their IPO

In our Father’s Day call, yesterday, we tried to pin down the precise timing of the IPO so all will know when monies are needed where

It is no secret that in 2021 there are more IPO’s, SPACs, and Up-Listings than any time in history … couple this with the fact that the SEC and NASDAQ are not yet at 100% capacity and getting the timing spot on can be a challenge.

We can give approximations on timing

On VOLCON the IPO now looks mid-Aust at the earliest … could be end of August … not a shock it they wait for summer months to pass and go live in September

This means that we could see the VOLCON and TRILLER IPO’s in September

We are of the opinion that both of these IPO’s will be extremely well received

We are taking Indications of Intertest on the VOLCON IPO now …. We are doing this due to the fact that anyone that wants to come in on the IPO must open an account with the Underwriter … Aegis

We have taken in $4.0 million on allocations on the IPO, and are happy to leave the remaining $1.0 for those that will hear the VOLCON story for the first time in August


We will have an up-to-the-minute VOLCON Deck for the IPO in mid-August

We will introduce all that have come in on the IPO to Aegis the last week in July to get accounts open, as there is no point in opening accounts sooner UNLESS they will take QUBT shares, which they should once on the NASDAQ … we are working through this

On the Triller IPO … the current valuation chatter is $5.0 billion …. We are positioned at a $1.25 billion post money valuation … we do have a $25.0 million allocation at a 20% discount to the IPO valuation, or $4.0 billion … we will accept allocations for that Offering in September … we likely will not need to set up new accounts anywhere as this is a Direct Listing IPO versus an Underwritten IPO

We have taken in over $1.0 million on World View the first day, for obvious reasons … a WV Part II Investor package will follow later today / tomorrow



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