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World View Pre-IPO

OUR OPINION By Wilson Rondini, President at Falcon Capital

World View | Home … must see video


World View on Wikipedia … an Impressive Read


World View Investor Deck June 2021 … a Spectacular Deck  


$20.0 Million Offering

$5.0 Million Falcon Allocation

$80.0 Million Pre-Money Valuation

SPIV Structure in Order to Participate on Institutional Offering


$25,000 Minimum … $500,000 Maximum


Two Lead Investors Have Been … Accel Partners … Canaan … Both Adding to Their Positions on this Round


NASDAQ IPO Targeted Before Yearend

Expected 12x Return in Twelve to Eighteen Months


World View Raises Money to Take People to the Edge of Space in High-Altitude Balloons …CNBC

World View Founders Launch New Stratospheric Ballooning Venture … Space News

NASA Selects 31 Promising Space Technologies for Commercial Flight Tests … Parabolic Arc

Third Falcon New Project of 2021


World View is our third new Project of 2021


The first two, Triller and EvDynamics, were very well received and taken up fairly quickly


World View will be our final new Project until the end of Q3 / beginning of Q4, as we have the VOLCON IPO in late July and the Triller IPO in September

Like Triller, World View is an Institutional Offering, where we were fortunate to get a small allocation due to the relationships that we have with Soliton and VOLCON.

Access to an Offerings like World View and Triller are almost never available outside of select Institution Investors on a direct investment basis.  These shares do come up on the secondary market, when they do they are at big premiums to where the Offerings with the Companies directly were done

World View a Ten Year History


World View was founded by Astronauts and some NASA Heavyweights in 2012, and has been operating for nearly a decade


The Company and their technology boast of having received $75 million in investment from some of the biggest, most successful, VC’s on the planet


For nearly seven years World View has run a business for satellite imagery and have contracts with the United States Department of Defense, Raytheon and many other Fortune 500 companies.


That satellite imagery business does just under $10 million in revenues annually.

They do not discuss this satellite imagery business is not the play with World View

Space Tourism is the play for the IPO 


In June of 2020, after years of commercial operation the Company made the pivot back to their original vision … space tourism … this is where the valuation creation will occur, as the revenue generation from selling tickets to the edge of outer space, will dwarf the revenues from the satellite imagery business

With Space Travel companies commanding tremendous valuations the timing for World View and a World View IPO could not be better

How World View Came to Us

It is highly unusual for a firm of our size to have an opportunity to invest in a World View type of play.


To date monies have been invested by some of the biggest and brightest VC’s on the Planet

We were able to secure an allocation, albeit a small one, due to the relationships that we forged from the Soliton .. AbbVie Unit To Acquire Soliton For $550M To Boost Aesthetics Unit and VOLCON Offerings

Investing Alongside Some Private Equity Heavyweights

 The main investor in World View over the last decade has been Accel Partners … they are one of the biggest and most successful Venture Capital Firms in the world, with early stakes in a plethora of tech companies that are household names today.